Whitney’s promise

People first

Public policy affects real people in real ways everyday. We can not afford cavalier policies like the carbon tax that hurt ordinary people. I will always put you first. 

Civilized discussion instead of partisanship

We can’t afford the polarized debates that make most want to run and hide. Issues are not black and white and now is not the time to give into the loudest voice in the room.  Your voice needs to be heard so I will insist on informed, civilized debate.

Earning trust

Too often well-intentioned MLAs have gone to Edmonton and then forgotten about those who elected them. You will always be my first priority.

Informed decisions, solutions that work

It’s not enough for government to simply get out of the way. We can’t just get out of the way of the debt we will inherit or the threat to our energy industry from other governments. I have the background to find solutions to these complex problems.

In your corner

When the going gets tough (and it will), I will never, ever quit. This is OUR HOME. You can count on me to stand our ground and protect your interests in the face of difficult decisions. 

Experience Matters

We have a short window to repair our economy and ensure the fabric of our society remains intact. I am able to hit the ground running on day one.

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