Getting Alberta back to work

Alberta has a proud tradition of a free enterprise economy with opportunities for all. The evidence is clear that competitive tax rates, private property rights, and sensible regulation create growth and jobs.

The United Conservative plan to get Albertans back to work includes the following commitments:

  • Bill 1: The Carbon Tax Repeal Act scraps the NDP’s $1.4 billion tax on everything, creates 6,000 jobs, and allows Alberta families and job creators to keep more of their own money.

  • The Job Creation Tax Cut will lower the tax burden on employers from 12% to 8%, creating 55,000 jobs and growing our economy by $12.7 billion

  • Bill 2: The Open for Business Act, which gives Alberta’s workers more freedom, restores their right to a secret ballot, and brings balance back to Alberta’s labour laws to get job creators investing in Alberta again.

  • The Red Tape Reduction Action Plan will cut red tape by one-third to reduce costs and speed up approvals, freeing job creators to get more Albertans back to work.

  • The Farm Freedom and Safety Act, which will repeal and replace Bill 6. We will listen to farmers, ranchers and agriculture workers that the NDP ignored to let our farmers grow again.

  • Building Public Infrastructure to support services like health care and education.

  • An Energy Policy that will re-energize oil and gas by speeding up approvals, cutting red tape, unblocking natural gas shipments, and supporting LNG exports.

  • Implement the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund to achieve real greenhouse gas emission reductions while encouraging investment across industries.

  • An Electricity Plan that ensures Alberta’s electricity market is affordable for consumers and job creators and produces market-driven green energy.

  • Job Creation in Alberta’s Tourism sector will come from a stable and predictable funding formula for Travel Alberta that links its funding and performance to tourism industry outcomes as a whole.

  • Standing up for Forestry Jobs will ensure that this sustainable sector can thrive, rather than struggle under proposed federal and provincial restrictions.

  • The Alberta Advantage Immigration Plan will attract newcomers who will start business, invest, and create jobs.

  • A Smarter Approach to Innovation will make Alberta a magnet for investment in new technologies, including artificial intelligence, health sciences, geothermal energy, and information technology.

Making life better for Albertans

A full life includes work that provides not only a living, but dignity. It is why a United Conservative government’s frst priority will be to boost our economy and bring quality jobs back to Alberta. However, “the good life,” includes much more than material well-being.

While government can’t guarantee a good life, it has a central role in establishing many of the conditions for it like health, safety, education, and support for the vulnerable.

The United Conservative plan to make life better for Albertans includes the following commitments:

  • A patient-centred health care system that will use innovative reforms within the Canada Health Act while maintaining or increasing health care funding to get Albertans the high-quality care they deserve.

  • Education will be strengthened by working with parents, teachers, principals, and trustees to protect school choice, improve accountability, and deliver the best possible outcomes for our children.

  • Post-Secondary Education will be supported as critical both to Alberta’s future economy and to a vibrant Alberta.

  • Skills for Jobs will promote experiential and vocational learning from high school through post-secondary and into the workplace.

  • The Justice system will become fairer, faster and more effective in protecting the safety of every Albertan.

  • We will Protect Vulnerable Albertans with legislation and increased funding for Alberta’s specialized law enforcement agencies that combat domestic violence, stalkers, child exploitation and abuse, gang activity, and drug trafficking.

  • Partnering with Non-Profits, Charities and Volunteers will help create a brighter future for Albertans who need a hand up by assisting the groups best positioned to help Albertans in their communities.

  • We will Make Life Better for Seniors and their families by using the Affordable Supportive Living Initiative (ASLI) to build the long-term care beds we need, encourage more home care options, and maintain existing seniors’ benefits

  • A Heroes Fund and Veterans Scholarships will honour the noble service of our military and first responders with improved fatality benefits, PTSD coverage, and scholarships.

  • An Inclusive Disability Agenda will support Albertans with disabilities to live full lives with dignity and equal opportunities

  • Municipalities will get more autonomy and predictability while we ensure transparency for voters.

  • More Affordable Housing will be built in Alberta for those who need it, including seniors in need of specialized housing.

  • Arts and Culture will grow steadily through facilitated collaboration with philanthropists and private businesses

  • Alberta’s Indigenous Peoples will be partnered with to secure adequate supports and pursue opportunity

  • Our Environment will be protected by a common-sense conservation plan which recognizes that that recreation, economic use, and conservation can and should support each other.

  • Albertans’ Property Rights will be thoroughly protected by a new Alberta Property Rights Protection Act and a review of all existing legislation

  • Democratic reforms will give more power to Albertans to hold the provincial government accountable.

Standing up for Alberta

Alberta is in a jobs crisis after four years of economic stagnation and decline. The number one reason is the success of the foreign funded campaign to landlock our energy, and the consequences of the Trudeau-Notley alliance.

Together, the Trudeau-Notley alliance has taken numerous steps to harm Alberta’s long-term interests, including:

  • Surrendering to President Obama’s veto of Keystone XL

  • Scrapping Northern Gateway, a pipeline to the Pacifc which Premier Notley opposed

  • Regulating the Energy East pipeline out of existence

  • Giving the B.C. NDP a blank cheque to delay and block the Trans Mountain pipeline, while still receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary federal transfers

  • Giving Quebec a veto over New Brunswick’s effort to revive the Energy East project while providing Quebec a $1.3 billion increase in equalization

  • Pushing the “tanker ban,” Bill C-48, and the “No More Pipelines Act,” Bill C-69, through the House of Commons

  • Extending the unfair equalization program by 5 years without discussion

Shortly after becoming Premier, Rachel Notley said that Alberta is “the embarrassing cousin that no one wants to talk about.”

That apologetic attitude emboldened those seeking to damage our vital economic interests.

It is time for Alberta to move from a defensive, passive, and apologetic approach to a strong, assertive, and strategic defence of our economy, our workers, and our way of life.

A United Conservative government will:

  • Get pipelines built

  • Fight back against foreign funded special interests, and

  • Stand up for a fair deal in Canada