Whitney Issik

We cannot fail.

We have to replace the NDP and reverse the damage they are doing to our economy and our community. As a business owner and an active community member, I am not prepared to sit and watch as our debt piles up and our future crumbles.

We can do something about this.

Now is the time for strong, skilled people to stand up and face this challenge together, ready to govern on day one. I have spent a lifetime developing that kind of skill set. I have lived here in Calgary Glenmore all my life, have run a business here and raised my kids here.

I love this place we all call home.

I’m running to become the UCP candidate here in Calgary Glenmore and I am asking for your support. In order to vote to select the next UCP candidate you need to sign up as a member. With a nomination meeting only months away, please sign up to be a UCP member right now. Our home is so precious.

Please help me with working together in making sure that the NDP do not get another four years. Thank you!



We’ve been through tough times before but this time is different. People are losing hope.   And our provincial government has never once even acknowledged that. We can change this! 

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